Shanina Shaik best dressed at the Caufield Cup!

Supermodel Shanina Shaik wears MISHA to Caulfield Cup

It is probably true that the Caulfield Cup has no defining dress code, but before you
run away with that idea, take a look at the host of the Stella Artois marquee last

The Cup host was none other than the world-famous, Melbourne born Shanina Shaik wearing, wait for it, a “take your breath away” black mini dress by MISHA Collection.
shanina shayk wears MISHA Kyra mini dress in black
Shaina Shaik wears the Kyra dress in size small

While there were lots of stylish outfits at the Caulfield Racecourse, the 28-year-old
model kept her look simple in a figure-hugging number that turned eyes towards her rather than towards the race track.

Certainly, as a host who offered so much more, Shanina Shaik with a black bow
headband added to the look, proved to be one of the main attractions on the course.

We all like the thought of a black mini dress and this one by MISHA features three
quarter sleeves and padded shoulders. Just perfect for Shanina and just right for
every wardrobe.

While florals were everywhere at the track, the MISHA offering was perfect for a gala Cup Day. Shanina kept the emphasis on “chic” with her fetching black mini dress.

And isn’t that something everyone needs? It’s true that Stella Artois has a history that is as rich as the flavour you find in each bottle, but no one was thinking of that when they set eyes on the LBD MISHA mini dress.
Model Shanina Shaik wearing Misha Collection Kyra mini dress to the Caufield cup
Signed .....MISHA xx