Key fashion trends for the Spring Racing Carnival 2019

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Far more than just the ‘Race That Stops The Nation’, the Spring Racing Carnival is an entire season jam-packed full of fashion, events, champagne and headlines.

Whether you’re partying trackside or attending a Race-themed event, finding the perfect outfit or dress for Spring Racing to embody your personal style – whilst keeping on-trend - is key. 

Speaking to MISHA’s Creative Director Michelle Aznavorian, we delve into the main fashion trends for the 2019 Spring Racing Carnival.

“What I love most about ‘The Races’ is the variety of fashion trends you see. Finding the perfect outfit can be difficult, but with so many options to choose from, it’s an exciting time for fashion expression. You really get to see the best of Spring Racing when it comes to the fashion on and off the field.

There are a few key trends I’m seeing that are sure to be top looks for this year’s Spring Racing Carnival.

Trend #1 - Suiting & Tailored Looks

My top pick for Race season is Suiting. A sharply tailored outfit is appropriate for any race day, whether it be a pantsuit, a blazer dress, playsuit or a jacket with pants or shorts. Like with previous years, tailoring will make a comeback, with suits in an array of hues, as well as clean and sharp in ivory.

Model in white pantsuit for Spring Racing

Debbie Pantsuit in Ivory
Debbie-Pantsuit-IvoryShop Debbie Pantsuit in Ivory
Debbie-Pantsuit-BlackShop Debbie Pantsuit in Black 


Model wearing belted blue Jacket

Tamina Blazer in Powder Blue - coming soon

 Model posing in white blazer dress

Sammiah Midi Dress in Ivory 
Sammiah-Midi-Dress-IvoryShop Sammiah Dress in Ivory
Sammiah-Midi-Dress-BlackShop Sammiah Dress in Black 


I once created a custom red Pansuit for Jen Hawkins for Melbourne Cup Day, which featured a take on ‘soft suiting’. Rather than crafting it from a firm, tailoring fabric, I complimented her figure and height by combining the shape of a structured suit with a soft, draping fabric.

Last year our Clara Pantsuit was a must-have outfit for celebrities, influencers and race-goes, due to its ultra-feminine take on the ‘masculine’ suit. It featured a long-sleeved lace blouse with an oversized satin bow at the neck, combined with a high-waisted satin cigarette pant.

., Model wearing white blazer and tailored shorts

Lyndall Blazer and Deanna Short in Ivory
Lyndall Blazer IvoryShop Lyndall Blazer in Ivory
Deanna ShortsShop Deanna Shorts in Ivory


Trend #2 - Draping & Ruching 

The second Spring Racing fashion trend we will see at this year’s Melbourne Cup Carnival is draping and ruching. Layers of fabric adds dramatic movement to Spring Racing Dresses, creating depth and shapes with every step you take, whilst flattering the body.

Model in Mini Ruched Dress

Vittoria Mini Dress in Powder Blue - coming soon


Trend #3 - Puff & One-Shoulder Sleeves

Lastly, I’m looking forward to seeing one of my favourite trends make an appearance at the Spring Racing Carnival - puff sleeves and a focus on the shoulder. This trend will give a nostalgic 80s edge to your racing outfit!

I created a custom one-shoulder dress for Rozalia Russian which was a massive hit. It features a puff shoulder with a lace-up on the arm and across the chest."

Rozalia Russian in custom black Misha dress

Rozalia Russian wears custom MISHA Dress.
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No matter the trend that suits your personal style, discover MISHA's range to ensure you're Spring Racing ready in time for the Melbourne Cup!